With the first rays of sun, we love to sit outside and prepare our patio; the garden furniture is placed outside and we invite friends for a glass of wine. We enjoy the precious hours with our loved ones. In the evenings, when the sun goes down, the nightly and cool air comes back. To ensure that you can continue your cosy evening with friends, we added a great selection of ideal home décor elements to our product range for you.


Tibetan lambskin cushions 

 A wide colour selection of Tibetan lambskin cushions is expecting you. The colour palette ranges from classic sober tones to extraordinary modern colours. The structure as well as the affectionate nature of the material excellently adapt to your wishes, be it as deco element and cushion on the bed, the sofa or the armchair. With this cushion, you not only purchase a design object but simultaneously an interior element for eternity.

The backsides of the cushions were worked with a material matching the colour of the fur. The cushions can easily be opened and closed with a zip, so that your inner can be exchanged without any difficulty.

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       Tibetan lambskin cushions green         Tibetan lambskin cushions rose         Tibetan lambskin cushions blue   



As of late, we also have a wide and versatile selection of diverse lambskins in our assortment. The universal usages of these high quality lambskins with natural finish is limitless: as a spread for your bed, couch, car seat, decoration, garden swing or bench or as cover in the basket of your beloved quadruped.

The lambskins were flayed in a special way, so that they are incredibly soft and silky. The raw material was hand selected to ensure the highest quality. Due to the special fibre the fur is temperature balancing and can be used throughout the entire year, in summer it is cooling, in winter warming. 

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      Lambskin Cappuccino         Lambskins brown       Lambskins lila 

Fur blancket - velvet weasel in beige with cashmere inner 


Give your home the special individual touch.

With this high quality and handmade one of a kind product you are getting the absolute must-have of the season for your own home. This precious blanked will be by your side for a long time. The fur is of unique softness and has a beautiful glow but yet is robust and resistant. During cold spring and autumn nights on your terrace, this blanket will keep you comfortably warm. In winter in front of the fireplace this blanket will be a warming and comfortable underlay. The blanked is filled with noble cashmere material, so all in all, it does justice to the highest furrier demands.

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Fur blancket - velvet weasel                    Fur blancket - velvet weasel                  Fur blancket - velvet weasel


 Unfortunately, we want to let you know that the Dein-Pelz.de Family is getting bigger.

For our children there exist is no better textile like lambskin. This fur is Temperature-compensating and skin friendly like nothing else on the market. 

Daddy I want a fur