The blockchain technology has great potential - a fact that has recognized. Recently, we have been starting to offer simple payment options with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, Ripple and Tron. 

Tron-Europe is a respected German company and representative of the Tron community. This has given us the innovative idea of using the blockchain world for our marketplace of furs and bringing our customers this new and easy way to pay. 

For example, you can save 30 % when shopping with Tron Coin in our shop. In fact, we only offer this special discount to payments with this coin, because it has introduced us to the new world of the blockchain technology. Dirk Frank showed us to the possibilities of this special technology - the main reason why we didn't want to miss this opportunity. 

This is the reason why we will check further possibilities during the next few years based on this established system. In this context, we will try to work on additional concepts for our customers. 

The team of wants to develop a kind of scoring system so that we can finally stop the still growing use of plastic. In addition, we will soon focus on more advanced technologies to reconcile the innovative concept of digital currencies and our environmental thinking. 

In the meantime, there is already a way we can quickly and easily reward fashion bloggers with SEEDIT - a concept we will continue to work on. This allows us to bring 100 % recyclable furs to our customers and to help our environment. 

The conclusion to all of this is the following: Many young blockchain millionaires not only want to get their money paid out, they also want to integrate this new technology into their everyday lives. Just try it on our website and pay in seconds with digital money. Prove that you are ahead of your time. 

We also recommend that you keep a good record of every coin you buy. Over the years, this new money could be a tremendous asset to your retirement savings. However, this information should not constitute investment advice or advise you to buy digital money. 

The team of is already looking forward to your first purchase with the new digital currency. We are ahead of our time and the first European online shop for furs that offers this service to its customers.