The New Year has just begun and already once again, the cold and the beauty of the winter did cast their spell over us. In order to protect us from the cold and not loose elegance at the same time, holds the most beautiful models in their range for you. For your home, we have very special home decor elements in our assortment. 

 Timeless rabbit velour coat

This beautiful light rabbit velour coat with fur collar provides constant breathability.

The on the leather grown fur produces a unique warmth, which can’t be achieved with any other material. The warmth is kept between the body and the fur.

The material, leather with grown fur, is able to buffer moist and to release it outwards at a later stage.

 This creates a heat reservoir on the inside that protects you from the bad cold. With this coat model in timeless swinger optic we offer you a one-time deal. On the one side regarding the high quality production but also regarding the price-performance-ratio.


Velours Kanin Mantel        Velours Kanin Mantel      Velours Kanin Mantel     Velours Kanin Mantel



Extraordinary bomber jacket

 You like it warm and wish to wear a trendy piece of the current season? Then this bomber jacket in military style is the absolute must-have.

Padded with precious fur in modern trend colours, our bomber jackets are the perfect accompaniment to the sporty look of jeans.

The sporty touch comes from the colour matching zippers and the side pockets, which can be closed by elegant push buttons.

The stunning big fur collar with its soft shape emphasizes your femininity and protects from the strongest wind. 


Bomberjacke           Bomberjacke            Bomberjacke


 In the cold season, we withdraw back to our homes, which we want to make as cosy as possible. Is there anything better than enjoying the evening with a good glass of wine and a snug and warming blanket on the sofa? Today we want to present our most beautiful and exclusive home decor fur blankets:    


Russian sable blanket

This great masterpiece of highest furrier art impresses with its material on the one side – Russian sable (formerly also known as Crown Sable) - and with its unique manufacturing on the other side.

 The blanket with the measurements 140 cm x 212 cm made from this special material was manufactured in our own furriery as a unique piece.

This luxury masterpiece is rounded off with a filling of pure cashmere. The blanket was manufactured for people with the highest demands regarding quality, design and uniqueness: for you! 

Pelzdecke russischer ZobelPelzdecke russischer Zobel     Pelzdecke russischer Zobel



Silver fox fur blanket

This gorgeous and natural silver fox fur blanket impresses with its special design. Selected furs were masterly manufactured.

 This fur coverlet captivates not only with its quality but also with its colour intensity and lightness of the fur. Regardless if your house is furnished modern or classic, this blanket emphasizes your taste without imposing too much. The measurement of the blanket is 208 cm x 150 cm.


Pelzdecke Silberfuchs    Pelzdecke Silberfuchs      Pelzdecke Silberfuchs